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Röötz - Tribal Jewellery, bohemian, micro macramé fine jewelry & Body Adornment

We're Röötz& Nininha Vieira is a London based jewellery designer and curator - offering unique body adornments of original yet traditional designs – handmade


Hello to all who visit this page the first time,

My name is Nininha Vieira, I am an holistic therapist certified in holistic crystal healing, homeopathy and psychology / social science are curses currently underway and am also jewelry designer specialized in micro macrame.

Born in the beautiful town of Torres vedras as a child I had the pleasure of playing in the city castle, has born and lived within the walls and surrounding ,played with stones, plants and trunks and in some ways since then also with my “Raizes” ( English word Röötz )

In my country Portugal participated in several courses and workshops in arts: Isometric perspective (geometry) in the area of arts at Secondary School , Handicrafts,  Painting, Fabric, Glass, Wood and currently clay and silver clay techniques , Seam and others arts

I come from a family of multi-cultural roots, my grandparents, mother and aunts lived for many years in Africa (Angola, Mozambique)

And from here that also comes my first encounter with the crafts, African culture, the arts, tapestry and macramé. I have my grandmother as both mentor and inspiration muse of endless arts:  the Arraiolos  highlighted technique and views has the wonderful with traditional designs that would present us as you all can observe Here

Since early age I remember to create, my creations are travels and my inspirations are endless.

I use stones, threads and semi-precious stones and all that nature as to offers as main materials. My pieces are inspired by nature and my grandmother, I used to spend most of my school holidays in her company, she was a mentor and still apply a lot of her teachings not only for my creations, but in many other aspects of my everyday life. What I do is a tribute to her in some way ....

She passed on; most of her skills with regard to recycle, embroidery, crochet, needlepoint, sewing and other arts.

All items are created, one at a time in home sweet home in London, the adornments are one of a kind talismans.

Crystals, gemstones and all work materials are chosen by myself, and are of high quality and also always try to support small local suppliers and families as much as possible.

All my creations are free from cruelty.

I hope you enjoy your visit and receive positive vibration of my pieces.

Nininha Vieira

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